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Format: A social media policy for an organization of your choice. Read the Writing Portfolio guidelines before starting this assignment. Post a draft of your social media policy as a Word document (.doc or .docx) to the File Sharing area on Blackboard for peer review by the due date. Your final social media policy document should be provided as a PDF document as part of your final Writing Portfolio that you will submit to the Assessment Submissions area. Length: Maximum 1000 words (it does not need to be this long) Due dates: Draft: 7 August 2020 by 9 am Peer review: 14 August 2020 by 9 am Final package: 30 October 2020 by 5 pm Weight: 10% This assignment provides you with the opportunity to work on a policy document associated with an organization of your choice, to consider appropriate social media purposes and practices for your organization, and to practice effectively communicating directives to employees and/or stakeholders. Draft social media policy Using what you have learned about your chosen organization and developing social media policies, write a draft policy, keeping in mind that your goal is to guide employee and/or stakeholder action. Your social media policy should be as short as possible (no more than 1000 words). The length will depend on your organization’s position towards social media—see Module 2 notes and activities. Post a draft of your policy as a Word document to Blackboard’s File Sharing area by the due date. Use your last name and the assignment description in the file name e.g. Smith_portfolio_item_1.doc Peer reviews Download THREE of your classmate’s draft policies for peer review. Review the policies with last names that come after your last name in the alphabet. If you reach the end of the alphabet, then start again. For example, Thomas would review Toohey, Prochon, and Qin. Peer review the three draft policies using the Think Aloud method described in Module 3 notes. Use the “Comments” function in Word only. Do not use Track Changes or “edit” your classmate’s drafts. Copy each document and save a new version with your initials at the end e.g. Smith_Portfolio_item_1_MR_review.doc Let the writer know what you are thinking as you read by putting a comment using Word’s “Comment” function where a thought strikes you. Consider whether your classmate’s policy addresses the vision, needs, and current practices of their chosen organization (you might need to do a bit of research). Does the policy demonstrate an understanding of the needs and expectations of employees and/or stakeholders? Say what you LIKE about the policy as well as suggesting places for improvement Make at least FOUR substantive comments i.e. 1-2 sentences each comment. NOTE: You must submit your draft social media policy and your three peer reviews to the File Sharing area on Blackboard by the due dates to receive full marks for this part of the portfolio. Writing Portfolio Reflection Report After you have looked at the peer review feedback from your classmates, you may want to make some notes to help you with your final reflection report (due at the end of this semester). Jot down your answers to the following questions. Based on the feedback you received on your draft social media policy: 1. Where did your readers have difficulty or suggest changes? 2. What changes did you make after this review? Why? 3. What comments did you ignore? Why? 4. What comments did you make on your classmates’ policies? Why? 5. Did this exercise help you understand where (and why) readers of your social media policy had difficulties? If so, why? If not, why not? 6. What other changes did you make based on your own thinking about your social media policy between the draft and final versions? Please contact me if you have any questions about this assignment.

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