Social Movements

The question has multiple parts, so make sure you read the questions carefully and answer completely! Do movements matter? Why do some succeed and other fail? In answering these questions, you should explain what you think is the best way to define success and failure for social movements? What are the most important factors that movements can control that help determine their success or failure? What are the most important factors outside of a movement’s control that determine success or failure? Based on this, what advice would you give to a movement that interests you? Use ideas based on the research and theory we studied this semester to support your main points and argument. Details and useful information: – Maximum length is 1250 words (approximately 5 pages).****Some specific tips: o Include strong introductory and concluding paragraphs o Support your main points throughout the paper o Engage with important concepts introduced in this course o Consider alternative perspectives that might challenge your argument – You can use relevant books, articles, and notes in preparing your essay. – Use a standard citation format for quotations and specific examples drawn from readings. However, I do not expect you to do any new readings or additional research.*****Use Readings and ideologies from Chenoweth and Stephan’s Why Civil Resistance Works.

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