Social Polarization And Economic Changes In The Global Cities

Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Social Polarization And Economic Changes In The Global Cities. Even though the understanding of some of the changes in the social structures in global cities is a straightforward concept, it is necessary to refer to the economic base of the cities and the part they play in the nationwide as well as the international economy. This consideration informs the understanding of the changing structure of the existing social segregation and the housing market in the global cities.According to Friedman and Wolff on the role of global cites in the creation of social polarization, capitalistic institutions have progressively freed themselves from some of the national constraints in order to organize global production as well as markets. This is particularly applicable to some of the transnational organizations. They identify world cities as different localities in the global system, which are at the apex of the hierarchy in the urban centers and are in control of some urban regions referred to as world cities. The articulation of the world economy through urban structures results from the surfacing of the global world economy, which is controlled by core areas. These core areas are industrialized regions that contain a majority of the existing corporate headquarters and are considered as some of the major markets in world production.The global cities serve as administrative headquarters, the centers for controlling different ideological conceptualizations and they serve as global financial centers. Without them, the different systems of economic relations in the world context will be unimaginable. Consequently, there is a prospect of arguing that the integration of the world system is likely to have an effect on the social, economic, and political structure of the world cities. Economically, there is a possibility of identifying that profound economic changes in the global cities have led to the changing structures in the world economy as well as the labor markets in different cities in the western world.

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