Social Problems

The goal of this assignment is for the student to demonstrate that he or she understands the criteria for an issue to be considered a social problem and can apply this knowledge to an actual phenomenon in society. The criteria were described by Linda Weber and others in the assigned reading selections associated with the “Defining Social Problems” lesson module. For this essay, you will find at least one peer-reviewed (refereed) journal article about a social problem of your choosing and use evidence (information) from the article(s) to explain why the phenomena you have chosen to study can be defined as a social problem. You are required to reference at least one journal article in your paper and you are allowed to use up to three articles if you wish. In many cases one article will be all you need. However, depending on what topic you choose, you may need more than one article to make your case. It is critical that your article be a refereed article from a professional journal. If you are unsure if your article qualifies, you are encouraged to send the article to Professor Strickland for review before you write your essay.

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