Social Problems

For Paper Two, you have two choices for an assignment.  There are two documents attached, and each document describes a separate assignment.  You can do either one.  Both involve the telling of a narrative.  One is telling a narrative about a time in which you tried to make a mark on your world, not necessarily literally but certainly figuratively, like taking part in a beauty pageant or running for an office.  The other narrative is thinking about a social problem like not living within one’s financial means and telling an experience related in which you were involved or observed. Aim for a minimum of 400 words of text.All papers must be double-spaced.  Type/Font should also be standard (not like cursive writing).  Use size 12 font.  Make sure that spacing is accurate.  Do not use a title page.  There is an MLA template available in Microsoft Word.  Open MS Word and in the box type MLA template.  The template is set for double spacing and suitable margins.  You are not required to have a Works Cited page.

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