Social Psychology

Final Assignment: Social Psychology in the Media Portfolio Due Friday, Dec. 4th no later than 11:00 PM (40 possible points)   For this assignment, you will assemble a portfolio of print or video clip media examples that illustrate any social psychological concepts from lecture or our textbook. Potential media sources include magazine or newspaper articles, editorials, advertisements, advice columns, pamphlets, bumper stickers, comic strips, and cartoons. You can also use short video clips (commercials, short clips from news or shows, etc.) (A quote is not sufficient; however, using a cartoon to demonstrate a concept, and then surrounding the cartoon with quotes that exemplify the concept would work very well.) Aim for maximum diversity of concepts and media sources. Thus, clippings should not be on the same topic (e.g., all relevant to the self), and they should not come from the same source (e.g., all advertisements or all articles or all video clips).   7 concepts illustrated by media examples must be turned in for this assignment; each media example must have its exact source and date noted (APA format). Each primary media clipping should be accompanied by at least a 2-paragraph description that: 1) introduces the relevant social psychological concept in your own words (with an example) & 2) explains specifically how the media example illustrates the construct: Note that this assignment is not as easy as it seems. It can be difficult (if not impossible) to try to find appropriate and relevant clippings the day before so start now and be creative! To create your portfolio, you will be using something called book creator. Instructions for how to insert your content will be posted on canvas. This assignment will be graded on the 3 Cs, content (how well your media example represents the construct and how well you explain the construct), creativity (creativity of media examples selected and creative presentation), & clarity (clarity of writing and format)!

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