Social Science

This assignment is part 4 of 5. This is the continued Key assignment for Kaiser Permanente. I listed the order#s for the previous assignments that you completed for me. If this seems like it’s a lot of work, then please set the price and I will hire you at your price.  Part 1 Order# – 1005788 Part 2 Order# – 1048828 Part 3 Order# – 1052039 ————————————————————————————————————————– I attached the template for this assignment. Most of the template is completed with the above-mentioned orders that you completed for me. So please just skip down to Week 4 instructions and week 5 instructions. The professor said they each only need to be a page. ANd just add the reference to the reference list. ** I italicized and enlarged the font for the parts that need to be completed in this assignment.

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