Social Scientific Studies

Instructions: You are writing a 10-12 page essay, typed, double-spaced including a bibliography (works cited page) and title page. You must cite your sources in the APA style. You are required to cite readings, lectures, and film clips/films from each week (Week #1 – 5). You should have a minimum of 10 sources. You may use outside sources –in addition to your required readings and required film clips/films. This assignment is an essay. Research two sociological and/or social scientific studies that have already been conducted. Compare and contrast these studies. What are the purposes of these studies? What were the hypotheses of these studies? How did the researchers define the problem? What variables were being examined? How did he/she/they conceptualize and operationalize his/her/their variables? What research method/methods were used to collect data? Did he/she/they use qualitative or quantitative methods? What were they? Were they effective? Were the research projects valid? reliable? What ethical questions were they grappling with, if any? What types of measures did they use? Did they utilize inductive and deductive reasoning? How did they analyze their data? Did they use primary or secondary sources (or both)? Were these studies empirically-based? Did they include human subjects? What were the main findings? How important were these findings? What societal implications did these studies have? How would you do your study differently if you were to select a similar topic? Or how would you build on the studies already conducted?

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