Social Security

1. Select one of the following major propositions (theses).The current social security system should be replaced by a mandatory private system.orThe current social security system should not be replaced by a mandatory private system.2. Write an argument in support of the thesis you selected. In your argument you must cite at least three sources; include a Works Cited page.(Underline the thesis (or the major proposition of an argument) of your essay. If you submit an essay in which the thesis (or major proposition) is not underlined, five points will be subtracted from the grade you receive for the essay.)3. Private system means something like an IRA, where the money goes into one’s personal account and not into a general fund as it is now.Comments on topic 3:The issue being argued here is one that will continue to be controversial for years to come. Should we save the current social security system? If so, how? Should we move to an entirely newsystem, for example, one like the Chilean retirement system? To respond to this topic, you must assume the following:That the problems of the current system are real, not exaggerated,That any private retirement system would be mandatory (Social security taxes would be taken from workers’ paychecks as they are now; however, workers would determine where that money is invested.).

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