Social Stratification Discussion

Examine social stratification in either your own hometown or the town/city in which you now reside.  Conduct a driving route(or public transportation route) that will take you into a variety of neighborhoods that represent the six social classes.  You can probably secure census track data that will be particularly helpful for this project.  Drive through the various neighborhoods recording characteristics of the neighborhoods: The type of housing Probable lifestyles The streets and the condition of the streets The landscaping Any vehicles Other signs that would indicate social class Look for symbols of wealth or poverty, such as fences, recreational facilities, statues, flagpoles, water fountains, trees, and noise level, or the absence of such.  Record anything unique or special about each neighborhood Look for children in the neighborhoods and describe the children and their activities Look for signs of conspicuous consumption and/or conspicuous waste In this assignment, students will travel through areas in their town that represent a) upper-class, b) middle class, c) working-class & d) lower-class.  These are 4 of the 5 classes that Daniel Rossides identified in 1997 (as cited in Schaefer, 2020, p. 183). Do not attempt to distinguish upper middle & lower-middle classes. Instead, just use the classification “middle-class,” Using as many of the 10 characteristics described above to ascertain what class is represented in a particular neighborhood, describe each neighborhood & explain why you chose that particular neighborhood to represent the class. The textbook must be cited. Support your decision to identify each class by citing Sshaefer’s (2020) description of the class. For instance, Schaefer (2020, p. 184) states that “about 40 to 45 percent of the population as people who hold regular manual or blue-collar jobs.” Are you able to identify a blue-collar neighborhood? You might see people going in or out of houses dressed in work clothes, or relatively nice trucks parked on the street or driveways. They could be electricians or plumbers.  A  minimum of five-pages describing each neighborhood  (4)  using the above information as specific guidelines for the descriptions.  Begin with an introductory paragraph of what you intend to do in the paper and then conclude with a summary of what was learned and how it felt to complete this project. Proper APA formatting should be followed including the use of an APA compliant cover page, in-text citation, and a reference page.

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