Social Theory Discussion

• Is the Durkheimian idea of solidarity useful?Lecture Recording: AND MAUSS Solidarity, social cohesion, sociology as a science.Essential Reading:Durkheim, E. Elementary forms of the religious life Chapter “The origin of these beliefs, end” pp 214-239 (begin from III the bottom of 214.) Mauss, M. The gift: forms and functions of exchange in archaic societies Chapter “Introductory: gifts and return gifts” pp. 1-5 (read more if you feel inspired). Banerjee, M. ‘Sacred Elections’. Economic and Political Weekly, 42(17), 1556-1562. Further reading N.B. See the power point slides (on the moodle) for annotated suggestions on further readings by Durkheim and Mauss and additional suggestions for further reading). M. Fournier. Marcel Mauss: a biography.  A. Giddens. Capitalism and Modern Social Theory. (The section on Durkheim obviously.) S. Lukes, Emile Durkheim. (Introduction is esp. useful).Hart, K. Marcel Mauss our guide to the future. (useful biographical essay on Mauss and the anée sociologique, to be found at:• How does one take power in an advanced capitalist society? Lecture recording: Liberal and Marxist theories of imperialism Essential Reading: V. I. Lenin. Imperialism: the highest stage of capitalism: a popular outline. Chapter VI. ‘The division of the world among the great powers’  R. Luxemburg. The Accumulation of Capital – Chapter 27. ‘The struggle against a natural economy’.  Some interesting contemporary thinkers who had similar ideas:Du Bois, W.E.B. The African roots of War Padmore, G. The British Empire Is Worst Racket Yet Invented By Man

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