Socialization Through a Lifespan

Purpose  This purpose of the Final is for you to demonstrate your cumulative understanding of development through a human lifespan.   Outcomes  By completing this assignment, you will be able to demonstrate three or more of the following:   Demonstrate understanding of the developmental changes in behavior and mental processes across the lifespan and across cultures. PLO: 1, 2, 5   Explain the interaction between genetic and environmental (including cultural) influences on human development. PLO: 2, 5   Identify the physical, cognitive, social and cultural influences of human development and how they are interrelated. PLO: 2   Discuss different developmental events from the perspective of the major theories of development – cognitive, learning, humanistic and psychoanalytic. PLO: 1, 2, 5   Understand how research contributes to the understanding of human development and how research findings can enable students to be more objective about human development. PLO: 5, 6  

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