Society and Culture

Guidelines: 1- As a general rule, the summary of each article should behalf of the original article.  That is, if the original article is 10 pages long, your summary can be 4 or 5 pages long. 2- Use the same organizational framework of the original article.  Let’s take an example: “The Relationship between Language and Culture” by David Elmes. Abstract   –  Your Summary   Introduction – Your Summary    Language and Culture –  Your Summary    The relationship between language and culture  – Your Summary    Implications for language education and language policy  – Your Summary    Concluding thoughts  – Your Summary Part Two: Personal Contributions   Here, you need to show how knowledgeable, you are, using the same patterns in your summary.   1. Language and culture   – Contribution  2. The relationship between language and culture   – Contribution  3.   Implications – Contribution 4.Conclusion  –  Contribution. 

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