Socio-Political Structure

Design a four-column chart that defines and distinguishes each of the following aspects of public policy: planning, formulation, implementation, and evaluation. Bring your work to class and be prepared to participate in a collaborative activity. After researching information on the socio-political structure and its relevance on planning, formulation, implementation, and evaluation of public policy, write an in-depth at lest 2-page analysis on this topic. Be sure to use APA style, include bibliographic citations and references, and submit the essay to NetTutor, specifically the Paper Center tool. Request to receive feedback in the areas of sentence structure and organization. Incorporate NetTutor’s feedback into your written work and take the revised essay and NetTutor’s feedback to the workshop. The facilitator will send written works to SafeAssignTM to check for plagiarism. This activity forms part of the evaluation; include a graded copy of this activity in the corresponding week of your digital portfolio. Prepare a bubble map graphic organizer on values regarding the analysis of public policy and its applicability today. Use the following model as an example: As a resulto f the previous asignment, be prepard to discuss in class: What are the most relevant and important values that intervene with public policy? In your opinion, why are they so relevant and important? How are these values similar to or different from those ethical principles that influence public policy? Reflect on your own personal experiences regarding the administration of public policy.

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