Sociocultural Issues

1. Reflecting on the cultural attitudes and sociocultural messages explored in this course and in your sociocultural project, in what ways are race, gender, and sexuality social constructions?  2. What influence have these sociocultural messages had on the social constructions of race, gender, and sexuality? What is the significance of the impact of sociocultural messages related to race, gender, and sexuality? Feel free to bring in information from outside research and other readings you have done for class.  3.To what extent do the sociocultural images you selected reinforce myths/stereotypes about gender and sexuality?  4. What new knowledge or perspectives about sexuality has your sociocultural project, as well as the text and discussions in your class, provided you? How do these issues relate to your life and your own personal assumptions about sexual identity and gender?  5.  What are some methodological issues that impact our knowledge about race, gender, and sexuality. Include a discussion of sampling, measuring behaviors, and application of research findings.

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