Sociological Theories

This assignment is intended to help you apply one of the 3 major sociological perspectives, Symbolic Interaction, Conflict (which would include Feminism) and Functionalism, to a movie of your choice. Think about how the movie’s characters, storyline, setting etc., might be used to explain the main ideas of one of the perspectives. Disney movies are usually easy to see the theories but you do not have to select a Disney movie. Think about the Lion King and conflict – who are the have’s and the have nots, what are the scarce resources that the conflict is over? What about the Symbolism in the movie? Once you pick your movie and theory the examples will come. DO NOT USE THE LION KING. The paper should be 2 pages in length and include the following: SECTION I 1. State the movie you will use. 2. Identify and define the Theoretical Perspective you will use. What are the main ideas of the Perspective? You may use more than 1 Perspective if you wish. SECTION II 1. Give examples (explain/apply) that illustrate how the theoretical perspective can be seen. What happens in the movie that can be understood using the Perspectives you selected. Explain at least 3 different scenes. 2. In the explanation, you will use at least 5 Sociological Terms from the book. Please highlight or put the terms in bold. The theories do not count. Be sure to use them correctly. SECTION III 1. Briefly state your thoughts on the assignments. Explain why you liked or did not like the assignment – be specific. You could also add any suggestions on how to improve this assignment.

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