Sociology of Deviance

Paper: In the introduction to your paper, please explain why the topic is important and worth further investigation. The paper should not exceed the 8 page limit and it must be double-spaced and incorporate the MLA referencing style. When writing your paper consider the following questions relating to the sociology of deviance.  INTRODUCTION: This will be a literature review on what has been researched on the topic you have chosen. This should be approximately 2 pages long with a thesis. Please provide a history on the topic.   BODY (this is 2 parts) – 200 points             ***Theory (100 points) – pick one perspective (functionalist, conflict, symbolic interactionist). First explain the perspective, generally, following how this perspective views your topic. Provide an analysis of the deviant behavior from the perspective of ONE of the sociological theories on deviance set out in the text and discussed in lectures. This is worth 50 points. Second part to the theory sections is applying a deviant theory to the topic you have chosen. It is essential that you use empirical sources (books, journal articles, etc.) to support your thesis. 30 points. Finally, to finish off the theory section, what do the key academic scholars in the area have to say about the topic? To what extent do they agree? 20 points. Approximately 2-4 pages. ***** You may not use the internet! You must look up the topic in journals and books with a minimum of 5 resources. If you are unsure about how to do research, please see a librarian. You must use proper formatting (see syllabus). should have sources cited here and you must use academic, peer-reviewed resources only – NO WEBSITES. This should be approximately 2 pages. and is worth   Discussion (this should not be numbered; it should be in paragraph form) 100 points 1.  Describe why the behaviour is considered deviant conforms or fails to conform to societal norms. 20 pts 2. What is the societal norm or legitimate authority for regarding this person or group and their Why do these people or groups engage in deviant behaviour? Be sure to provide a detailed analysis. If possible, provide alternate perspectives. 20 pts 3. How do these deviants view their behaviour? For example, do they regard their deviance as a one-time aberration or see it as a deviant career? Justify your answer. 20 pts 4. What impacts (both positive and negative) does the deviance behaviour have on society? 20 pts 5. In what ways has society responded or reacted to the deviance? 20 pts. Each of these should be approximately a page in length with additional resources to back up what you are stating. Conclusion Please do not summarize your paper. This section can be a brief summary emphasizing your thesis statement. This section needs to focus on further research. Brainstorm what should be examined in this topic. How or why should we examine this type of deviance further? How can or should we be looking at this type of deviance?  2 pages minimum. Grading Rubric:   Points Content Additional Information Earned      Points 10 Formatting Do you have proper MLA or ASA formatting? Did you use the correct font and size? Did you fix the spacing between paragraphs? Did you use correct spacing? See syllabus for all the guidelines. More than 1 error, lose all points.

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