Software Programs

Respond to each of the following questions in order to generate ideas for your cover letter and resume. Be as detailed as possible to aid yourself in subsequent assignments.Work Experience1) What work experiences have you had? List them all, with the title of your position, the name and location of thecompany or organization, your supervisor’s name, the dates of your employment, the job’s requirements, and your achievements in that position. Give any numbers you can (supervised 6 other employees, reduced shipping errors by 13%, etc.).2) Have you ever volunteered with a nonprofit organization? List the details, as in item 1.3) Have you had any internship experience? If so, describe in detail as in item 1.Educational Experience4) What courses, projects, and other activities have taught you valuable skills? Describe them in detail, paying special attention to course projects that are impressive in your field.5) Have you received any scholarships or awards? Describe them in full.Skills6) What skills do you have that rise above the ordinary? What do you do especially well? Do you have any special talents? How do your skills and talents relate to the kind of job you seek?7) Do you have skills in working with particular groups of people? Do you speak more than one language?8) Do you have computer skills? What software programs do you know well?9) Do you have skills working with particular kinds of equipment?

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