Spatial Development of Urban Villages-Guangzhou-China

What drives the spatial development of urban villages-Guangzhou-china. The hybrid concept is attached to both multi-dimensional and state-led urbanization processes (Chale?ard & Universite? de Paris I: Panthe?on-Sorbonne2014). The researcher investigates the interconnections between Positionality, power, and their associated ethical issues in Guangzhou with respect to the urbanization process.This refers to the ability of an individual to influence others and is derived from position or title, reward, expert, referent, informational, and coercive. Reward power is derived when one has the ability to reward others for achievement. Coercive power is based on when an individual has the ability to penalize others. Expert power comes in when an individual has expertise over others in a particular field. Referent power exists when one’s attractiveness, respected, and perceived worthiness. Informational power comes in when one has the ability to hoard vital information.Positionality answers the questions of which one is in relation to others as well as who others are in relation to you and the impact of others on one. Positionality leads to power which is then applied in influencing other people.The Chinese Urbanization process has become a more interesting dissertation topic in recent researches with conventional knowledge known by scholars as portraying the uniqueness process. As noted by Barry Naughton, “china’s urbanization rate….reached its present stage through a trajectory that is utterly unique, and even bizarre.” Chinese urbanization is described as a composite process of two antagonists. Chinese market is understood as a resultant effect of joint decisions made by migrants to urban cities on mass numbers, Political based on spatial expansion determined by the demarcation of new urban boundaries framed on a sole government land ownership presenting a platform where land transactions are putatively politically driven resulting into spatial urban expansions.&nbsp.

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