Sports and Social Control

Write an article on Sports and Social Control. It needs to be at least 2000 words. Apart from law, several social institutions, such as religion, family and media also play an important role in the mediation of social control. In this essay, Super Bowl will be used as a social control tool. This essay will try to discuss contrasting views of Marx and Durkheim and their theories of religion clearly giving light on professional sports. The essay will also discuss the relation of these theories with the social control mechanism. In addition to this, the essay will focus on the effect of professional sports on social control as a religion in North America and will also consider the costs and benefits of social control. This essay will argue that the specific sporting event has more negative effects on society compared to the positive impacts. Finally the essay will agree with Karl Marx that popular professional sport also acts as a tool of individual power in the society.The functionalist approach of Durkheim has explained that religion can be considered as a form of social unity in society. According to him, religion can be considered as one of the important tools that bring people of a particular group or society together. Religion helps to strengthen bonding between two or more than two individuals within a society (Klassen, 2013, p.12). Professional sports can be considered as one of the important aspects that helps people of different religion and cultural background to bond with each other. Therefore, it can be stated that professional sport can be considered as a special and valuable form of religion. For example, the Super Bowl can be considered as an important and popular professional sport that creates special bonding between the people of different cultures and religious background. In other words, it can be stated that this professional sport has acted like religion to unit people of several cultural backgrounds. For example, Super Bowl XLV was produced and broadcasted by the FOX Sports channel in the year 2011.

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