Sports Observation Report

Your assignment is an observation report on individual sport. The observation report will be broken into 3 parts. The following sports are allowed to use: Boxing, MMA (UFC), Tennis, Golf, Track, and field (as a whole), Swimming, etc.   Part 1 will require you to research the sport you are selecting. History of sport Description of the sport What are 3 major rules for the sport? What are the abilities and skills needed for the sport? (are they tall, fast, etc) What is the system/strategy used by an individual for the sport?   Part 2 Watch a game of sport you selected. Select the athlete you will be focusing on in the event or game. Give me a summary of the overall game. Provide information on important moments that impacted the game. How did the individual respond at the beginning, during, and after the game? How did respond when they were losing or winning during the game.  Part 3 You are the coach of the individual. After watching your athlete perform, assess their performance of the game. Talk to me about team strategy and if it works or didn’t work. If your athlete lost the game, tell me what you would have done differently. If your athlete won, tell me what are ways to improve on the win, what can the individual do better in.    12pt. Time Roman Font double space, MLA format.

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