Standing Rock Reservation Discussion

Subject:  The United States and the Legacy of the Frontier Myth: Cultural Root Paradigms, Historical Erasure, and Contemporary Enactments of Violence   Option One: Standing Rock In Regeneration Through Violence, Richard Slotkin argues that white American society and culture reaffirms its dominance through violence. Drawing upon Jackson Turner’s Frontier Myth, Slotkin argues that attitudes and traditions that shape American culture evolved from European settlers’ social and psychological anxieties– to assert a claim to the land and displace Native American peoples. Consider this Slotkin’s argument and Jackson Turner’s cultural root paradigm in relation to Standing Rock. How does Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) re-enact and reaffirm this violent mythology? What does this conflict say about ongoing attempts to eliminate Native American peoples in the American nation-state? In response, how does the protest resist Euro-American hegemony? 500 words

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