State and Local Government

At this point, we have evaluated all levels of government – Federal, State, and Local government.In a 3-4 page essay (double-spaced), you are to explain one policy (example: education, abortion, gun laws, marijuana, etc.) as an example of how the federal, state and local government either work together or are in conflict with each other.  Explain how the federal, state, and local government can come together to tackle an issue and/or how federal, state, and local government are fragmented and cannot work together – resulting in fragmented policy.You may find that many of the conflicts can be depicted as taxes.You need to have your references and paper in APA format.1.AnalyzeThe relationship between the legislative and the president should be discussed.2. ExamplesYou should have at least 3 examples of the overlapping power between the legislative and executive branches.3.FallaciesDiscuss the problem in the shared governing structure.4.APA formatThis should be written in APA format – double spaced and the citations are accurate.5.This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeProfessionalismThis essay should be written in an academic tone. You should minimize in grammar, punctuation, and capitalization errors.

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