Stating A Hypotheses Test

For this assignment, please watch the following video (copy and paste if the link doesn’t work): (Links to an external site.)Evidence based is key, not hear say nor anecdotal evidence does it but statistics! 🙂 This is evidence based methods for losing weight, losing fat. This will always be good to know for everyone. So you are welcome. :)Watch the video as much as you like but see at least two hypothesis tests with p-values, (like p < .001) and at least two confidence intervals and at least two graphs. You will probably want to watch the whole thing. Watch at least the first 20 minutes of it. Then please comment on impressed you and what you would want to tell others. State a hypothesis test with a p-value and a confidence interval and state what they both meant and what they show. This will also show that you actually watched it which is necessary to show for this assignment. It will be graded on 4 points for a confidence interval and what it meant, 4 points on stating a hypotheses test with a p-value and what it means, and 1 point each for responding to others. Minus one point as always if it's done late. 

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