Strategic Appraisal

Undertake a full strategic appraisal of the company given by: a) examining its external and internal environment through independent research; b) identifying and evaluating its main strategic options for growth, and c) recommending measures for further development. How to structure the 1st Assignment: Case Report on GAZ (Individual Report) The first assignment of this module is a Strategic Appraisal (to be written and submitted individually) to be undertaken on a given real company. You will be expected to apply the theories/models you have learned throughout the module. This will include three main parts: 1) the analysis of the external and internal environment of the company; 2) the identification and evaluation of its main strategic options for growth, and 3) recommendation for further development of the company. You may include appendices (not more than 5 pages) at the end of your report to provide supporting data/evidence of research, but all essential information should be included in the main body of your work. Please note evidence of additional researched material, mechanical structure and soundness and how well the different sections are linked and integrated within the overall report will be greatly appreciated. A good report emphasizes clear, concise writing with focused and solid content. This is crucial since report writing skills are essential to any strategic management exercise. The purpose of the assignment is to draw out the key strategic issues and challenges encountered in running a company. You would need to carry out additional relevant research to inform your analysis and findings. Please present your analytical frameworks in a table format in order to save enough space for your written discussion and evaluation.

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