Strategic Business Proposal

Outline how your proposed solution will impact the company and explain the roles each department will play in supporting your proposed solution.Identify areas of legal concern and explain possible ways to minimize the risk.Complete three-years of sales projections, a project budget, and a timeline for implementation.Compose an Executive Summary of your solution, providing a one-page snapshot of your proposal for your Board of Directors.This video will lead you through the content you will be developing for the remaining parts of the strategic business proposal.  In addition, we’ve included tips to help with content development, condensing concepts,  stylizing content, and communicating ideas effectively. and review the financial workbook and assignment rubric.Building on the Strategic Business Proposal template you used for Assignment 1, complete sections 3 – 5 and the Executive Summary of the template.Fill in the contents of the financial workbook to visually represent your financial explanations written in the template.Update the references and appendices to be comprehensive of both Assignment 1 & 2 work as well as discussion boards.DeliverablesThe assignment template and completed financial worksheet should be submitted with all sections and checklist items complete.

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