Strategic Perspectives of a Glo-bus Business

Need an research paper on strategic perspectives of a glo-bus business. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. &nbsp.The causes – effects and revenue profits relationships are determined by the stability of a business and its economic ethics. GLO-BUS enables its participants to apply their school business knowledge logically in handling business-related matters. This exercise is realistic in a way that, those involved in it are exposed to managerial experiences, which are critical in the daily running of the business (Hoffmann 2007, p.43). Introduction Reflective practice techniques can be useful in analyzing one’s Glo-bus team experience. The reflective practices include taking part in self-assessment to identify the areas I can develop to become competent. Glo-bus experience allows its team members to make decisions in a year. During this period, the co-managers and I decide on the designs that we are going to use and the camera line performance, which in this case are always ten decisions to be made. Teachings on product operation and the compensation of workers are also offered. Others include knowing how to deliver prices and marketing, taking part in social responsibility by being a good citizen and being in charge of operations that govern the company. Participation in the team also instills us with the skills of accounting, providing more opportunities in becoming shareholders, which allows us to import duties and check on the exchange rates. Based on the reflective practice, the above actions require the team members to assess themselves properly to be able to implement them. According to reflection theory by Boud et al (1985), experience alone is not enough when it comes to learning. They perceive structured reflection as a way one can learn from experience Boud asserts “Perhaps if we can sharpen our consciousness of what reflection in learning can involve and how it can be influenced then we may be able to improve our own practice of learning and help those who learn with us” P. 21. Based on Glo-bus, we also learn that when presenting a report on results, it is important to involve the detailed information about the company, revealing its statistics and reports of other companies and their market performance. The decisions issued by the instructor determine the decision periods that will guide us on how our company will be running. To be familiar with the management, software practice has to be applied to understand the information provided on the screens and in reports. Decision and report screens are designed with help buttons that include elaboration on the cause and effect relationships, to give advice and guide us on what to do. In analyzing the experience gained from Glo-bus, reflection in action enables us to think critically and to understand the concepts we are taught and to deal with problems when they arise. The action that is reflected during our experience implies that we should think critically and maintain our experience for future use. Our experience as being part of the Glo-bus team had both positive and negative effects and some of the critical incidents that affected me and our team were varied. Starting with the positive critical incident, I will apply the Kolbs learning cycle whose theory consists of four stages that are involved in learning. It provides an explanation of how individuals use&nbsp.different learning techniques and elaborate on experimental learning that affects us in general.&nbsp.The first stage is having a concrete experience which also implies the real action of participating in a learning session.&nbsp.

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