Strategic Perspectives

Dollar General Corporation (DG) operates 16,000 stores in the USA. It has been relatively successful in some niche markets but stockholders expect increased profits/earnings per share/dividends/stock prices. Your task is to analyze the company from certain strategic perspectives and make recommendations on how the firm should adjust its strategy going forward. You should accomplish this primarily in relation to chapters 7 (merger and acquisitions) and 9 (cooperative strategy). Your primary source of outside information should be the company website and its annual report. The most recent 10K is February 2019. Main company website is at: website for 10K annual report at: need some research for question #4 Answer each of the following questions in a “short” paragraph. It is not considered a long research paper. Consider their business model and comment on the optimal way to increase market power through acquisitions.How does Dollar General differentiate itself and what is its position on diversification?In what way does it appear the company engages in strategic alliances now?In 2007 DG was acquired by 3 investment companies that took it private. Two years later it went public again with an IPO. Why did this occur and could it occur again?  Your answers should be in an uploaded single spaced paper no more than 1 page long.

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