Student Loan Forgiveness

Historically, a correlation has existed between educational attainment and income level.  Acquiring more education (human capital) has always been promoted as a means of escaping poverty.  Unfortunately, due to rising college costs, students have taken on unprecedented levels of student loan debt.  For this paper, you will research (with a minimum of three additional resources) the “student loan bubble” and proposed solutions to assist the impacted economic actors. The paper should address some of these main issues: -Rising college costs and the reason for them. -Is a college degree still worth the investment? -What has been the trend in student loan debt over time? -What are the individual and societal consequences of excessive student loan debt? -What are some current proposals or programs aimed at solving the problem? -What are some counter-arguments against student debt forgiveness? -What responsibility should be borne by the borrower for the problem? -Should college be reformed and if so what a reform look like?

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