Student Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment- Students demonstrate their abilities in a multitude of ways. Some will demonstrate mastery on written assessments while others will shine during projects, presentations, or artistic expression. How can students prove their mastery of your chosen standard in an alternative form? Create a performance assessment for your students. This will consist of three (3) parts: teacher copy (GRASPS and planning), interesting student copy (should grab students’ attention and make them excited to complete the assignment), and a rubric (used for scoring and explaining various levels of completion). As you begin to plan, remember that not all students are the same. Work to incorporate choice into the assignment. This will also help the student create ownership of the assignment. In Appendix B, see “Teacher Planning: Performance Task Template” and “Example of Teacher GRASPS” for part 1, “Extra NEWS Paper” for part 2, and “Rubric Template Example” for part 3. (40 pts.) Please specifically identify the standard that is being assessed (see my comments in your paper). I love this idea, but I need to know the actual standard in order to determine is your task effectively assesses the standard. Also, for your final project, add some clip art to the Daily Sun Page. You want it to be eye catching for the students. Please identify the standard What needed for the assignment is on Pg. 26-28

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