Supernatural Horror in Literature

Write a short essay responding to H.P. Lovecraft’s “Supernatural Horror in Literature Actions .” This essay should respond to the following question: Why does Lovecraft believe in the enduring significance of the horror tale, and what evidence do you see today of its continued endurance? Answering this twofold question will require two key skills: Summary: In order to explain Lovecraft’s reasoning for why the horror tale has longstanding importance, you will need to provide clear and thorough summary of his most convincing points. In addition to summarizing these points, you may also want to include direct quotations where appropriate, in order to break them down for the reader. Analysis: Apply at least one specific element of horror literature that Lovecraft mentions to a text you are familiar with. This could be a movie, book, TV show, poem, short story, song, etc. Which of Lovecraft’s criteria does this text exhibit, and how does it exhibit this element of horror? How does this text demonstrate our continued fascination with horror? Provide at least one meaningful quotation from Lovecraft’s essay, as well as specific examples from the text your chose. Assignment Requirements Your essay should be 2 full double-spaced pages with 1” side margins, 1” header and footer margins, Times New Roman, 12 pt font. Your essay must summarize and draw direct quotations from H.P. Lovecraft’s “Supernatural Horror in Literature,” where he lays out his explanation of the horror genre. All references should be cited in MLA format, with the author’s last name and page number(s) in parentheses.

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