Supervisory Challenges

All of you have received supervision. Some of you may also be supervisors (or aspire to be). In this post, I would like you to consider the responsibilities and challenges of supervisors in human service agencies. These supervisors oversee staff; they do not necessarily administer programs or direct organizational units.

The agency is a drug and alcohol facility internship

Drawing from your own experiences, the readings and lecture, address the following items in your discussion post:

What characteristics should a good supervisor possess? Consider behaviors, obligations, and tasks.
What challenges do supervisors face? I think the supervisor I have experienced was overwhelmed with her daily duties as well as keeping up with staff responsibilities which caused a lot of conflict with others within the agency ei. Backbiting, favortism, and gossip. Be sure to consider the agency and broader external environments.
What responsibilities does the supervisee have in terms of making supervision sessions successful?
How should a supervisee use supervision in addressing ethical issues that might arise in practice? What role does the supervisor have?

You start with 6 points and lose points if you don’t do the following:

Address the questions.
Be at least 800 words long.
Incorporate at least three readings. To cite a reading in a post, you don’t need the entire title, etc.; just use author name, year and page number (Hyde, 2019, p. 6). A chapter from the Barsky text Barsky, A. E. (2019). Ethics and values in social work: An integrated approach for a comprehensive curriculum.counts as one reading, so you could use 2 chapters for 2 citations. Do not rely solely on Barsky – you need at least one non-Barsky reading in your post.
Be thoughtful and reflective. Demonstrate that you understand the material.
Be well written. Check for spelling and grammar.

Readings that may help for references

Barsky Chapters 8, 11, & 12
Butters, R., & Vaughan-Eden, V. (2011). The ethics of practicing forensic social work. Journal of Forensic Social Work,1(1), 61-72. Butters Forensic SW.pdf
Shier, M., Nicholas, D., Graham, J. & Young, A. (2017). Preventing workplace violence in human services workplaces: Organizational dynamics to support positive interactions with colleagues. Human Service Organizations, DOI: 10.1080/23303131.2017.1363842 Preventing Workplace Violence in Human Services Workplaces Organizational Dynamics to Support Positive Interpersonal Interactions Among Colleagues.pdf
van Breda, A. (2016). Building resilient human service organizations. Human Service Organizations, 40, 62-73. Building Resilient Human Service Organizations.pdf
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