Supply Chain Processes

Read “The Goal” and note the major issues the plant faced operationally to include strategy, people, supply chain processes, supply chain issues, manufacturing processes, quality issues. Document the problems from the book and then elaborate and reference the relevant section of the textbook per APA style to include endnotes from the textbook and the book The Goal. Requirements: 10-12 pages minimum, double spaced, with 11 or 12 font. Original research and work is required and anti-plagiarism software will be used during grading. Chapters 11 and 18 of the textbook will be especially helpful for this assignment and should be referenced. [The book: Collier, D., & Evans, J., (2020). Operations and Supply Chain Management. Cengage. ISBN: 9780357131695] Rubric: Your case will be evaluated on the following basis: 20% – Introduction: Described the business challenges in less than 2 pages. 35% – Identification of key issues to be resolved 35% – Presentation of applied learning from the textbook and lecture to the key issues 10% – Utilization of APA style with endnotes, proper spelling, and correct grammar. Submit your completed assignment here for grading. This assignment utilizes SafeAssign for plagiarism detection.

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