Sustainable Urbanism in Europe

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses sustainable urbanism in europe. Europe could achieve this objective while putting in mind the importance of environmental sustainability. The country has prohibited citizens to use the automobile mode of transportation often. This is so even if the country has an increase in the number of automobiles owned by the citizens (Beatley 5).The idea of sustainable transport means that transport ought to be environmentally friendly. The transport system must have a minimal negative impact on the environment. This is with the aim of preserving the ecological system and further to promote good health within the country. The idea of having a well sustainable transport system is to protect the ecosystem and also to have a positive contribution to the ecological system (Beatley 9). There are a variety of means of transport in European countries like the air, road, rail, water, and intermodal among others. The transport system is in a variety of sectors like passenger freight. The transport means are found in the urban areas, the regional, rural, and also in long-distance destinations (Beatley 32).The multi-modal form of the transport system is essential because it helps in the strengthening of the country’s local economy and also in decreasing the ecological impacts. The chief aim of the multimodal transport system is to enable the movement of citizens from one destination to the other instead of moving the automobile from one point to the other. This is possible through the designing of multiple transport systems, automobiles, public lanes, sidewalks, and bicycle lanes. Furthermore, the public means of transport like commuter rail, bus, high-speed rails, and streetcars will be used to serve the needs of the people around the city and regions around (Beatley 47).The development of multimodal transport has enabled European countries to develop in the economic sector.

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