Systems Theories and Practice Issues

Learning outcomes
1. Examine roles and competencies of advanced practice nurses essential to performing as leaders and advocates of holistic, safe, and quality care
2. Apply concepts of person-centered care to nursing practice situations
3. Analyze essential skills needed to lead within the context of complex systems
4. Explore the process of scholarship engagement to improve health and healthcare outcomes in various settings

Discussion Question: Systems theories and Practice Issues
Many of you have experience in complex adaptive systems whether you realize it or not. Thinking about your current or future practice area, identify an issue or concern. In your initial response, please describe the concern. Does the concern primarily occur at the micro, meso, or macro level? How would you address this issue? What impact might your solution have on the other levels of the system? In what ways could interprofessional collaboration be used to resolve the issue?

1. the quality of the content, use of citations, use of Standard English grammar, sentence structure, and overall organization based on the required components.
2. Submit the paper as a Microsoft Word Document, which is the required format. You are encouraged to use the APA Academic Writer and Grammarly tools when creating your assignment. In-text citations included for all references AND references included for all in-text citation
3. Support ideas with a minimum of 2 scholarly resources. Scholarly resources do not include your textbook. You may need to use more than 2 scholarly resources to fully support your ideas. 1) evidence-based, 2) scholarly in nature, 3) published within the last 5 years
4. Current APA format is required with both a title page and reference page(s). Use the following as Level 1 headings to denote the sections of your paper (Level 1 headings use upper- and lower-case letters and are bold and centered):
5. Conclusion: Provide a conclusion, including a brief summary of what you discussed in the paper.

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