Tactical Intelligence

Address the following question in a 1000 word essay, per instructions in the syllabus (including citations, thesis, etc.). Remember to select the submit for grading button when done! Check to make sure your paper properly uploaded. The importance of tactical intelligence as it relates to climate and terrain is abundantly clear when examining the conjunction of a commander’s desire to establish speed and tempo in combat operations and the limitations of climate/weather and terrain that are imposed on the commander.Using the required reading on Germany’s experience with the effects of climate/weather on combat operations in Russia, examine the concepts of speed and tempo (from earlier readings in this class) and how these were affected by weather and climate. How are speed and tempo different and how are they utilized? What effects does weather and climate have on speed and tempo? Provide specific examples of why tactical intelligence on climate/weather/terrain is crucial to providing the information necessary for the commander’s decision-making.In the final analysis, could Germany’s strategic failure been avoided by better intelligence on weather, climate, and terrain in European Russia?Citation for the attached reading: Center for Military History, The Effects of Climate on Combat in European Russia. CMH Pub 104-6, February 1952.

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