Taiwan: Standing on Shaky Ground

M6D2: Case Study: Taiwan: Standing Chiefs’ Negotiation No unread replies. No replies. View Taiwan: Standing on Shaky Ground. Excelsior login information may be needed. Conflict often erupts because of misleading information. This lack of transparency often requires negotiations to achieve a resolution. In this film, there is a conflict between the Tao people and the Taiwan government. The conflict affects not only the culture of the Tao people but also, as they see it, their survival. The people are promised a fish cannery. Instead, they receive a nuclear waste facility. The conflict emerges because of a violation of trust. Given the impact of the conflict, there is a need for negotiations to find a resolution. Chapter 10 of the text focuses on managing a conflict through negotiation. Cooperative negotiation is particularly useful for managing conflict over tangible resources, especially when they are scarce. Scarce resources encourage a win-lose mentality. The purpose of this activity is to apply the key concepts, principles, and suggestions from Chapter 10 to the situation in the video. This activity aligns with module outcomes 4,5 and 6. For this discussion, please engage in the following: Watch Taiwan: Standing on Shaky Ground Based on your analysis of the video and understating of chapter 10 of the text, what concepts apply to the case study? Please, elaborate on how to apply such concepts. For example: Considering the impact of negotiating from a competitive or collaborative negotiation, how would you suggest both parties generate more options? If need be, how would both parties convert competitive negotiations into cooperation? Is it possible to identify a zone of possible agreement (ZOPA)? Please, explain why or why not. From your perspective, and based on your analysis, what would be the best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA)? Please provide concrete examples. State additional behaviors you see operating that substantiate why you chose the concepts you have identified.

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