Technical Writing In Criminal Justice

Required Textbook: The Sage Guide to Writing In Corrections; Steven Hougland and Jennifer M. AllenAnswer the questions at the end of chapter 21. How might a probation officer use technology literacy to do his or her job?2. Your college professor assigns you a paper for a class project. Using information, digital, computer, and technology literacy, explain how you would complete the project.3. What confidentiality issues would a parole officer face in gathering and sharing information about parolees?4. Identify how an information literate person may know a problem or issue exists. What types of sources should he or she disregard when researching problems or issues?Follow guidelines1. Does your response directly answer each part of the assignment question(s)? 2 . Does your response clearly show you have read and understand the lesson content by correctly defining key terms, key persons and summarizing concepts? Have you made inferences based on this knowledge to personal or modern-day applications? 3. Have you clearly state analysis and give examples to back them up? Does your response provide analysis to the larger concepts of the lessons? 4. Do you write clearly, in complete sentences, with minimal errors in grammar and spelling? Did you use the APA Method of Citation where needed?

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