Technological Advancement

For this writing assignment, you will be required to do some outside research on a technological advancement and explain the positions of those who support the technology and those who oppose the technology. After researching, you will be required to do the following: 1. Briefly describe the technology. 2. Describe why people support the technology and why people oppose the technology. 3. Defend your own position. For example, if you were to choose GMOs, you would explain the benefits of using GMOs, the negative consequences of using GMOs, and decide which position is stronger and why.  Papers are required to be at least 2 pages in length. You are allowed to exceed two pages, but try to keep it within 3 pages. You are allowed to use whatever style you prefer (e.g. Chicago, MLA, APA, etc.) as long as you remain consistent throughout your paper. Make sure to cite your sources. You do not need to include in-text citations when referencing the book or the codes of ethics above, but make sure to be explicit about which code(s) you are using and use quotation marks if using direct quotes. Do not include a separate title page. You should have no information on the top of your first page besides your name next to the page number and a unique title. You should not have a date, my name, the class information, etc. at the top of the page. Papers are graded on both content and grammar with more points dedicated to content.

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