Technology and Mental Illness

What is a Research Paper as Opposed to a Research Paper Proposal?  A research paper is an essay that uses outside sources (i.e. books, magazine articles, Internet articles, etc.) as supporting evidence (which will be placed in the body of the paper) for the essay’s thesis.  Instead of analyzing a piece of writing, you will be analyzing a specific topic, and your outside sources will be used to support your thesis. In short, your research paper will be an argumentative paper.  You will take a position on some sort of controversial topic, and your position will be the basis for your thesis.  Naturally, you will look for and research outside sources to build upon supporting body paragraphs to back up your thesis. This assignment that is due Thursday, 11/5, is not a research paper.  The actual research paper will be due at the end of this winter session.  This assignment is only a four-paragraph paper that will explain the topic of your paper, the controversy surrounding this topic, and what your stance on this topic will be.  In other words, your stance will become the basis of your thesis statement in your research paper.  I will lay out what you will actually write in your proposal towards the end of this prompt. Choosing a Topic You will be able to choose your topic from the list that I have provided.  choose from the list below. LIST OF TOPICS: Is Technology creating depression and mental illnesses? Participation Trophies Is the internet increasing racism and bullying? Should we ban Deep Fakes? Should we live to 200? Should we move toward becoming “post-human”? For more information on this check: 

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