Technology in Healthcare

These are the instructions.( When the professor says “toy” means an example of technology in healthcare)For this unit, I want you to spend some time finding your own new piece of medical technology. For full credit, I want a 750 word discussion of the “toy” that you have found, what it is, what it does, what population it helps, what are its limitations, etc. It could be one of the examples we have looked at in the class, in this unit, or it could be something else–blood glucose meters, chips that detect seizures, GIS monitoring for dementia patients–pick something that interests you. If you need some ideas, Google “examples of technology in healthcare” and you will find a number of interesting toys. Please note that this does not need to be something completely unique that you design–it is perfectly acceptable to find an existing piece of technology and write about it.When you cite information be sure to include the source. Your response should be well thought out and should be no less than 750 words. You must draw from the readings, videos and other materials, such as the sources you find independently–I don’t want something that could have been written by anyone who simply watches a TV commercial for a new way of monitoring your insulin or administering drugs.DO NOT include direct quotations from source material. A paper should not be a string of direct citations strung together just to meet the minimum number of words. You guys need to paraphrase, not just copy the writings of others. Your grade will suffer if you include direct quotations from source material.All sources need to be cited using APA formatting.

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