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Submit a 1-2 page reflection on how mise-en-scene (i.e. sets, costumes, light and color, and the actor’s performance) contribute to the effectiveness of your film. You have a choice: Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing (1989) or Bong Joo-ho’s The Host (2005). Both are available on Swank, a free streaming service offered to FIU students. Hyperlink to sign in is at the bototm of these instructions.You must follow APA Format; make sure you have a title page, abstract and citations. Be sure to use specific details and relate to your textbook or external sources. If you don’t cite Prince to support your arguments, you will not get full credit.Do not use terms like “personally,” “I think,” “I feel.”Do not write a review of the film. Don’t use first person point-of-view.Treat reflections as if they were short essays. Avoid a casual, chatty, gossipy tone. Each reflection will be submitted to the Assignment Dropbox link within Canvas.

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