Telomeres and Telomerase

Telomeres will shorten each time a eukaryotic cell divides. When telomeres become too short, cells will undergo programmed cell death.  Some cells contain telomerase, which will continue to elongate the telomeres, allowing cells to continue to divide.  Research into telomerase is a hot topic. You can buy telomerase online!  But should you? Is it the fountain of youth? Or are there associated risks?Start by watching this video: find a study relating to telomeres and telomerase.You might focus on factors that affect telomere length (lengthening or shortening);  OR  the association of telomere length (long or short) with disease; OR the relationship with telomerase and cancer; OR effects (positive or negative) of telomerase on health OR something else.Please choose a peer-reviewed study only and summarize the methodology, results, and conclusions of the study. Be sure to cite your sources (in text and in a full reference list) in correct APA format.

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