Tesla Marketing Tactics

TESLA For this assignment, you will create a marketing strategy for the brand Tesla. After discussing the strategy, select the tactics to reach your target audience and successfully deliver your strategy. Remember: the tactics selected should be appropriate for your target audience, and since this entire course is about the IMC mix, you want to have a good variety. I would expect no less than 4-5 tactics but the more the better!  As you consider which tactics you will employ, consider whether or not promotions are a good fit for your brand. Over the past decade, many marketers have come to the realization that advertising alone often is not enough to stimulate demand for their products and are increasingly turning to sales promotion methods targeted at both consumers and the trade. Many companies are developing fully integrated marketing programs that include consumer and trade promotions that are coordinated with advertising, publicity/public relations, and Internet marketing programs as well as sales force efforts. General Guidelines Your assignment should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-size font, with page numbers. Late assignments will not be accepted. For each tactic, you should provide: Description of the Tactic – include whether this is a marketing or promotional tactic in the description Reason for selection How the tactic will help you achieve your goals and objectives Why this tactic is best suited to reach your target audience

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