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Introduction Lead-in 3pt. Thesis Statement Body (X3) Topic Sentence Proof/Example/Quote Explanation Explanation Proof/Example/Quote Explanation Explanation Explain directly back to the thesis statement, using keywords from the thesis Transition Sentence (mentions what’s coming next) Conclusion “So What?” Provide a Larger Meaning Repackage, don’t Restate Echoing the introduction Explain Implications Example Essay Test==> Essay Test Sample.pdf Actions Paper 4 Essay Test Prompt: You will create a persuasive argument as to whether you should follow your passion, do what you can get paid most for, even if it does not coincide with your passion, or whether you can and/or should combine the two. As a starting point, you will analyze what you’re actually passionate about, which you will do by conducting the Self-Interview (found on the next page of this module). Even if you already think you know what your passion is going through the questions may further solidify it, or for some, may allow you to discover what it is. Your paper should be in the essay test format, and you can use sources to support your argument, but it’s not required…and it may make the assignment more difficult.

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