Texas Constitution

– Overall Question to consider:  Does the State of Texas actually need its own constitution in addition to the U.S. Constitution?  Does the Texas Constitution affect our lives differently from how the U.S. Constitution does to make the state document necessary? – Analyze the role of the Texas Constitution in affecting both government and the people and argue that the Texas document is a necessity or unnecessary redundancy.  Include examples and be sure to address any criticisms of your assertions that the reader may have and wrap up your essay with a conclusion. – Your paper has the five essential elements of persuasion: Statement of the issue, your position on it, supporting evidence for your position, addressing criticism of your position, and a conclusion.  Organization and delivery – Proposal with no fewer than three (3) relevant expert sources that are of the highest quality and credibility.  You must cite each source both in the body of the essay and on a Works Cited page.

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