Text Analysis

Part 1:  Watch this triadic conversation from the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona, https://youtu.be/ih6Baoop5G4 and analyse it in light of the below features: Context (e.g. linguistic, non-linguistic etc) Speech acts and felicity conditions Implicatures Face and (im)politeness Give evidence from the text for all of the points in the main body of your essay. You should do this by directly quoting words or small groups of words in inverted commas, like ‘this’. When you provide evidence from the text, you should not merely list the words/utterances, but include your own explanation and analysis for each point. This part should be structured as an essay, i.e. a single, flowing text, written in structured paragraphs without headings or bullet points. You should include an introduction and conclusion, which may contain more general points. It is not necessary to deal with the elements in the same order as the task sheet. The main focus of this task is text analysis; it is therefore most important to provide evidence of very close reading of this (spoken) text. However, it is also a good idea to refer to a range of reference works, for example when defining key terms or researching speech acts. These should be cited using the Harvard systemLinks to an external site., both in-text and on the bibliography. There is no need to engage in a word-by-word analysis of the text. Be selective Part 2:  First pick 6 content words out of the words uttered by the speaker in this video, https://youtu.be/KjFJd39YMsU and then: Transcribe them; List the vowel sounds and the consonant sounds in each word; For each word, either list a minimal pair word or say that no minimal pair exists.  This section need not be written in the form of an essay and can be written under 3 different headings.  You do not need to explain things in words. Just use the symbols and conventions regarding phonetic transcriptions etc.

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