The Art Across Regions

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 6 and 7 from the textbook, and thoroughly explore the Art Across Regions  (Links to an external site.)  interactive. In the Art Across Regions interactive, you examined how differences between regions exist and the implications to art created within those regions. Now, select two works, each from the same time period and movement, but from different regions within that movement. Select works of art that you have not already examined in this class. Below are some examples of regions to explore within a particular movement (choose two regions): Italy France Northern Europe Spain Latin America The Caribbean United States Between the two works of art, what similarities and differences do you see in terms of the media (materials), methods, and subjects? Explain how each work of art is reflective of the movement, yet unique to its region. You can find works of art in the textbook, a website listed on the ART101 Museum and Images Website document, one of the assigned virtual reality videos, or visit your local museum. For guidance in comparing and contrasting your works of art, consult the Writing Center’s guide to Compare & Contrast Assignments  (Links to an external site.) . Cite your sources as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center  (Links to an external site.)  guides on APA: Citing Within Your Paper  (Links to an external site.)  and APA: Formatting Your References List  (Links to an external site.) . For works of art, follow the basic modified APA Style reference entry format in the APA Style Reference Entries for Artwork document.

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