The Art of Cinema

Class: Art of the Cinema Instructions: You will write 3 – 4 full pages Research Paper. All the instructions are below and attached. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS ON MY ATTACHMENT FILES. Review each of these handouts below & attached for the guidelines on this assignment. Guidelines Below are guidelines to help you write your research paper. 1-Checklist 2-Prompt Questions 3-Essay Format This paper is a Film Analysis combined with Research information. You will research and write about one film category from any one of the feature films bellow: Film Choices: 1-Juno 2-Psycho 3-Goodfellas 4-Grand Budapest Hotel 5-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 6-Casablanca 7-Slumdog Millionaire 8-Gravity Film Categories: 1-Director 2-Screenwriter 3-Production Designer 4-Cinematographer 5-Actor(s) 6-Editor 7-Sound Designer(s) 8-Special Effects Artist(s) 9-Development, Distribution and Marketing (Producers) Refer to the Essay Format handout in Canvas for help on writing a 5 (or more) paragraph paper. Refer to the Checklist handout to properly format your paper. -You are responsible to write your own paper, and your writing must be original. You may not submit a paper that was written and submitted for another course. (Refer to the Dashboard Plagiarism -Use specific examples from the film to support your analysis. -You must cite at least 3 sources for your paper. Sources may include your textbook, websites, film reviews, books, videos, movies, documentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, etc. -Do not use or Wikipedia as one of your three sources. You can still reference the websites to find more resources, however. -When you reference another’s work or research, you must properly cite your source (using MLA citation), both within your paper, and on your Works Cited page. For more resources, check out the Study Tips folder in Blackboard.

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