The Atomic Cafe

Consider how people dealt with their fears of atomic warfare (review the movie The Atomic Cafe and also the images we discussed in class this week). How would you describe their approaches to coping with their fears? Can you think of a current example of something many Americans are worried about (COVID-19, perhaps?), and compare how similar or different current Americans’ efforts to manage their fears are to what people did during the 1950s? How does your own experience in 2020 affect how you see things such as fall-out shelters? Does thinking about how Americans handled the threat of atomic warfare make you see current conditions in this country differently?In answering the question you choose, use specific examples and details. You may also use the textbook, our optional discussion meeting recordings, or my recorded lecture. DO NOT USE OTHER SOURCES OR WEBSITES. If you use other sources or websites, the highest grade you will earn on this assignment is 1/10.Here is a link to the primary source documents on the Cold War from our textbook:

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